• Last August, heading to the San Juans on a rainy afternoon, I really appreciated my C-Dory. The cabin was 70 degrees, the wipers were keeping the windshield clear, the Honda was humming along at 4200 RPM - we were warm, dry, and comfortable. The C-Dory makes a perfect pilothouse boat!
  • Wild Blue, our C-Dory 25, has taken us from coast to coast to coast.  Over 7,000 miles on the water, from salt water to fresh; mountain lakes to the Gulf of Mexico; the Florida Keys to Desolation Sound... she takes us to all these places and more and is our home on the water.
  • Two years ago we went for a 'donut run' from our home on Decatur Island to Roche Harbor. It was the middle of July, but unseasonably cold and rainy and we were in an open Boston Whaler. Before we left the dock on Decatur we installed all of the canvas and plastic windows in an attempt to protect ourselves from the elements, but we were still soaked 45 minutes later when we arrived at Roche.
  • When we started our search for a pocket cruiser, we had some specific requirements for our
cruising needs but did not really believe that we would find any one boat that would meet them...
  • After spending the night on the boat in a protected cove near an island just off Salem Massachusetts, the Admiral and I cruised out to Stellwagon Bank to look for Humpback

Take a moment and read a few quotes from our C-Dory owners. As you will see, these boats are their trusted partners, taking them on the type of adventures that create long-lasting memories.

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