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Map of the Great Loop Courtesy of Google Maps

The Great Loop By Way of a C-Dory

It’s not often we get play-by-play updates regarding adventures our C-Dory customers take, but when we do, we are captivated. Enter in The Great Loop on L.T. Looper, a website updated by Dave Newkirk, an adventurous retiree with a 2018 23’ C-Dory Venture named L.T. Looper under his feet and a drive to conquer one […]

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C-Dory Gear Now Available

There’s nothing quite like the wind in your hair, the salty air hitting your face, and the seemingly never-ending horizon calling your C-Dory to its happy place. You’ve done it. And you’re darn proud too. You’ve got yourself a tough and rugged C-Dory and now the world is your oyster. We understand the feeling. We’re […]

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C-Dory Goes To The Arctic

Some people dream of a cruise around the Mediterranean. Others want to bask in the Jamaican sun while sipping something fruity with an umbrella in it. Not Paul Souders.

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