C-Dory 22' Cruiser


The most successful C-Dory model, the 22’ Cruiser, was first introduced in January 1987. It has enjoyed a steady production run. Many refinements based on customer input rather than on fashion trends, have been incorporated over the years. Materials used in the construction of the boat have been constantly upgraded, ensuring that the model keeps pace with the technology available today. A practical boat, the C-Dory 22’ is designed and built to be seaworthy, easily maintained and affordable to operate. Although a full-size cabin cruiser, it is relatively light and well balanced for easy towing and invites the owner to explore distant waters. Average towing weight is about 3500 lb. boat, motor, trailer, & fuel.

Many owners compare their C-Dory to a trusted old Volkswagen or Jeep because of its go-anywhere qualities and simple maintenance. Yet these boats are thoroughly modern, incorporating the best of proven materials and ample space for the latest electronics.

By definition a dory is a flat bottom boat, with high flaring sides. The C-Dory is a modern refinement of this classic design type. The planing hull is nearly flat at the stern and gradually becomes a “V” at the bow. Deep reverse chines channel the flow of water, holding it under the boat, increasing lift and decreasing wake and spray. Heavy plank lines along the sides contribute to the C-Dory’s classic, salty appearance. They also stiffen the hull and serve as spray knockers, making the boat pleasantly dry running. The brow of the cabin roof reduces glare in the windows and adds to the boat’s distinctive lines.

This boat will plane comfortably at as little as 9 ~ 10 MPH. Economical cruise ranges from 12 ~ 20 MPH at well over 5 MPG. (rated test performance is in measured running in a straight line, in perfect trim, on good water, real boating use will normally yield about 4.5 ~ 5 MPG average). She will top out at about 28 MPH with a Honda 75.

Maneuverability at speed is balanced and predictable, even in heavy seas. The boat holds her course with little effort. The hull’s flatness toward the stern greatly reduces the rolling motions, making cruising in rough water much more pleasant. Fishermen will love the way the boat tracks at trolling speeds, allowing the focus to remain on the fishing. And with only 7” of draft and a thick bottom she can easily be beached for beach combing adventures.

The 22’ Cruiser provides a spacious 4’6” aft cockpit, with plenty of elbowroom for two or three fishing buddies. The high sides assure safety even in rough water and provide a feeling of security for the entire family.

The cabin with over 6’2” of headroom provides cozy shelter. It features a comfortable dinette, galley, sleeping area & pilot’s station with excellent all-around visibility.

The dinette is located along the port side of the cabin, it has lots of storage under its seats, and it makes into a 6’2” berth. The pilots station and galley are located along the starboard side. The galley consists of a two burner alcohol stove (diesel stove/heater upgrade available) a stainless steel sink, 18 gallon water supply with a foot pump, an ice box (located under the pilots seat) and a teak dish rack that holds four plates and four glasses. The forward section of the cabin features a 6’3” “V” berth, reading light, a large deck hatch, and a chemical toilet. It is separated from the main cabin by a privacy curtain.

The interior trim is neat and utilitarian, with emphasis on easy maintenance and durability. The cabinetry is composed of fiberglass with 3/4” decragaurd marine grade plywood doors with Teak wood trim.

Cushions are made of high quality foam covered with durable ‘Sunbrella’ boat canvas. The colors coordinate with the exterior trim. All of the cushions can be removed so the interior can be cleaned.

All boats come with a standard 5 year hull warranty.


  • Average towing weight is about 4300 lbs. (boat, motor, trailer and fuel).
  • The cockpit and cabin fit up to 4 people comfortably.


  • Includes sleeping area and pilot’s station.
  • Dinette located along port side of cabin converts into 6’2” berth.
  • Pilot station and galley located on starboard side includes:
    • Two burner alcohol stove with option to upgrade to diesel stove.
    • Stainless steel sink.
    • 18 gallon water supply with foot pump.
  • Forward section of cabin features a 6’3” “V” berth that is separated from the main cabin by a privacy curtain and includes two reading lights, portable toilet, and Bomar 22’ aluminum frame hatch with tinted lens.
  • Cabinetry composed of fiberglass with 3/4” decraguard marine grade plywood doors with teak wood trim.


  • Fiberglass hull, decks, cabinetry and pilothouse are laid with the use of balsa core composite construction. The use of cored sandwich construction in the bottom, decks and bulkheads, in combination with the deeply molded plank lines, give the boat incredible strength and stiffness.
  • All color accents and top deck non-skid patterns are molded-in.


  • Diamond Sea Glaze windows with aluminum frames that are powder coated to match the color of the boat. Sliding side windows with screens and standard center opening window.
  • All deck hardware is stainless steel and through bolted. Top deck is 3/4” thick.
  • Deck hardware includes five through bolted SS cleats.


  • The top deck’s non-skid is molded in diamond pattern and the cockpit sole is coated in a gelcoat and sand finish that is renewable. Optional two-tone non-skid available.


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Twin Honda 40 Hp Four Stroke

3,000 1.75 10.9 4.98 9.5 5.42
3,500 3.00 15.0 5.01 13.1 4.36
4,000 4.50 18.7 5.34 16.3 4.65
4,500 4.20 22.5 5.35 19.5 4.65
5,000 4.90 26.0 5.31 22.6 4.62
5,500 6.75 29.4 4.35 25.5 3.78
6,000 7.80 31.1 3.98 27.0 3.47

11 1/2" X 13" Prop, 3 blade, aluminum

800 lbs - People, Fuel & Gear

Fuel consumption, is for both motors

Single Honda 75 Hp Four Stroke

2,500 1.50 8.5 5.67 .3 4.87
3,000 2.40 12.5 5.21 10.8 4.48
3,500 3.10 16.2 5.23 14.0 4.49
4,000 3.85 20.3 5.27 17.5 4.53
4,500 4.70 24.7 5.26 21.3 4.52
5,000 5.60 27.6 4.93 23.7 4.24
5,500 6.80 30.4 4.47 26.2 3.84

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13 3/4" X 15" Prop, 3 blade, aluminum

800 lbs - People, Fuel & Gear