C-Dory 16' Cruiser


C-Dory's 16' Cruiser is a ruggedly built little boat.

Simple, practical and built to last with a construction method and lay-up schedule that's far superior to any other boat in its class. A C-Dory can handle very rough seas and will withstand a lot of abuse.

A salty little cabin affords plenty of protection from the elements. It's this cabin that sets C-Dory's 16' Cruiser model apart from the competition.

Very few boats this size offer a hard top cabin, and none as good looking or as ruggedly built as the C-Dory.

The 16’ Cruiser has a little larger cabin than the Angler model, and is located a little further aft on the hull. The cabin seats two people on swiveling seats mounted on storage lockers, two additional people can be seated on the aft edge of the "V" berth.

The berth area is open with only a dash on the starboard side. A removable table mounts along the port side. Storage space is available under the berth and under the two swivel seats. The aft deck is about 3', from the back of the seats to the motor well.

All boats come with a standard 5 year hull warranty.


  • Average towing weight is 1700 lbs. (boat, motor, trailer and fuel).
  • Larger cabin versus the Angler model with forward “V” berth.
  • “V” berth includes cushion with Sunbrella boat canvas.
  • Bilge Pump is 1100 GPH rule with automatic float.
  • Hatch is Bomar 16” aluminum frame with tinted lens.
  • Windows are Diamond Sea Glaze with powder-coated aluminum frames and tempered safety glass.
  • Electrical system features six circuit switch panel with color coded wiring.
  • Two folding back swivel seats.
  • Portable toilet.


16' Cruiser.pdf


Honda 40 Hp Four Stroke

3,000 1.30 8.5 6.54 7.4 5.62
3,500 1.70 12.3 7.24 10.7 6.22
4,000 2.10 16.5 7.86 14.4 6.76
4,500 2.60 21.0 8.08 18.3 6.95
5,000 3.10 24.9 8.03 21.7 6.91
5,500 3.60 27.4 7.61 23.8 6.55
6,000 4.50 28.5 6.33 24.8 5.45

11 3/4" X 13" Prop. 3 blade Aluminum

Tests performed on the 16' Cruiser, with the maximum legal load aboard (700 lbs)

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