C-Dory 19' Angler


The 19' C-Dory Angler was developed in response to many requests for a shortened 22' C-Dory.

Maneuverability at speed is balanced and predictable, even in heavy seas. The boat holds her course with little effort. The hull’s flatness toward the stern greatly reduces the rolling motions, making cruising in rough water much more pleasant. Fishermen will love the way the boat tracks at trolling speeds, allowing the focus to remain on the fishing. And with only 7” of draft and a thick bottom she can easily be beached for beach combing adventures.

With over 6’2” of headroom, the cabin provides cozy shelter. It features a comfortable seating for four, sleeping area and pilot’s station with excellent all-around visibility.

The cabin layout is simple. On each side of the isle are two back-to-back seats, mounted to storage cabinets. The forward section of the cabin features a 6’3” “V” berth, two reading lights, a large deck hatch, and a chemical toilet. It is separated from the main cabin by a privacy curtain.

Cushions are made of high quality foam covered with durable ‘Sunbrella’ boat canvas. The colors coordinate with the exterior trim. All of the cushions can be removed so the interior can be hosed out.

All boats come with a standard 5 year hull warranty.


  • Average towing weight is 3000 lbs. (boat, motor, trailer and fuel).
  • Smaller cabin mounted closer to bow to give you spacious 4’ of aft deck that is ideal for fishing.
  • Includes sleeping area and pilot’s station.
  • “V” berth is separated from main cabin with a privacy curtain and includes two reading lights, portable toilet and Bomar 22’ aluminum frame hatch with tinted lens.
  • Diamond Sea Glaze windows with aluminum frames that are powder coated to match the color of the boat. Sliding side windows with screens and standard center opening window.


19' Angler.pdf


The motor well can accommodate a matched pair of twin motors or a large main & small auxiliary motor package. C-Dory is a strong promoter of the 4 stroke outboards. Honda has been and continues to be the leader in this technology but they are no longer alone. Most motor brands now offer 4 stroke motors that are suitable for the 19' C-Dory Angler.

Maximum power is 100Hp. The recommended 70 Hp will push the boat with a 1000 Lb. load to 28 MPH Generally you will find 15 to 20 MPH to be most comfortable. The boat planes quickly (9-10 MPH) and without the bow rising high obstructing vision ahead.