Safety and Engineering

Going beyond the surface of the boat, putting the same quality of construction into every aspect of our models is what C-Dory is all about, prioritizing safety and durability first in every boat we make.  That is why our products are so popular in a variety of waters coast to coast.



Selecting a boat that is the right match for you is a matter of asking questions. What type of boating experience are you looking for? How do you weigh speed, space, fuel economy, construction, style, and features in your decision? Can the boat take you where you wish to go – both physically and mentally?

C-Dory has been taking boaters to seldom visited waterways, favorite fishing holes, dive reefs and waterside communities for over 30 years. Whether you’re seeking a cruising, fishing or diving boat, C-Dory has the right boat for you. Our “Cruiser” models offer an expanded cabin suitable for comfortable cruising, whereas our “Angler” models feature a larger aft cockpit to accommodate sportsmen and their gear. A truly unique catamaran, the “TomCat” is an outstanding offshore boat offering a stable platform for those who like to cruise, dive or fish in the deep waters without sacrificing predictable handling and speed. Our simple, strong, fast and fuel efficient C-Dory will take you to places other boats cannot. All boats come with a standard 5 year hull warranty.

Built-in wire runs are beautifully installed, and all electrical systems are intuitive and convenient.  Our tank systems are made to be easily accessible.  Our 316L stainless steel railings are stout and provide lifelong durability.  We construct each boat with the best products in the industry which make our boats easy to operate and minimizes maintenance concerns.

Environmental Considerations

We are always working to be good stewards of our community.  Our manufacturing facility is located directly adjacent to the bay, and our livelihood depends on sustainable resources.  Our family and team members have always been committed to exploring new products and practices that are responsible and reduce our overall footprint.  We have been recognized numerous times for our approach to our people and our community and will continue to help do what we can with regards to research and looking at a sustainable future.