From a streamlined, efficient fishing machine to comfortable weekend adventure, we offer a range of different C-Dory Models that will meet all your relaxation, exploration and boating needs – in style. We are consistently impressed with the personalized touches our owners add to our boats.



Fishing in almost any waters in the United States is a calling card of the C-Dory Brand. Our boats can get almost anywhere with their flat hulls and owners proudly navigate a variety of waters to find their prey. Our boats are known for many attributes including:

  • Significant range
  • Thoughtful layouts built for convenience and success
  • Storage for everything from rods, tackle, nets, and bonkers
  • Spacious fish boxes
  • Dependable systems and equipment
  • Comfortable seating and relaxation stations
  • Outstanding speed and maneuverability



Making memories is what being on the water is all about.  C-Dory has a great family tradition, and we’ve tried to put that same pride and focus into how these boats can be used.

  • Shower and toilets
  • Hot, running water
  • Refrigeration, heat, and great air movement
  • Great sound system for entertaining
  • Plenty of storage for snacks and beverages
  • Spacious areas to congregate and socialize


Fun and Exploration

Explore the water without borders and reach places that make others jealous.  We strive to give you the confidence behind the wheel so you can concentrate on fun, not repairs and nerves.

  • Hard Tops designed to carry dinghy or kayaks for family fun or going ashore
  • Windows in cabin for good visibility
  • Classic C-Dory Hull design for cruising at moderate speeds on a variety of waters
  • Proper power selection gets you home before the sun goes down



Sometimes bobbing on the water with a beverage and some music is all you need.  C-Dory can get to an elusive cove and hang out without feeling like you need to hurry.

  • Custom cushions for seating
  • Luxurious V-Berth to melt into
  • Carefully designed interiors
  • Fold-out seating at exterior cockpit
  • Interior and Exterior mood lighting for any situation
  • Quiet cabin during cruising