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C-Dory boats are a unique, capable, and welcome part of the pilothouse boat family. At Northwest Marine we are happy to carry on the tradition and history of these fine vessels while adding our own flare to the boats. We have acquired all the tooling on these boats and have done all we can to enhance and celebrate what makes these boats special. The streamlined, efficiency of these boats are second to none in the industry. They are incredibly affordable, easy to transport, and simple in their design. We are happy to have them in our fleet of boats produced at Northwest Marine.

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Safety and Engineering

C-Dory has long been known for the stability and security of its vessels. We are proud of carrying on the tradition and history of the C-dory name and it’s reputation. At our facility, we take pride in producing boats that will survive a variety of seas. Each of our brands are unique and we take special care to protect the integrity, style, and quality that C-dory is known for.

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From a streamlined, efficient fishing machine to comfortable weekend adventure, we offer a range of different C-Dory Models that will meet all your relaxation, exploration and boating needs – in style. We are consistently impressed with the personalized touches our owners add to our boats.

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Customization Options

C-Dory owners are proud of the history and tradition of the brand. At Northwest Marine we have been careful to maintain the integrity of these boats while making small tweaks to the fit and finish of the boats. We understand that many brands need to change with the times, but we have been deliberate about preserving the look and feel of the C-Dory brand. We build the boats, and owners are responsible for most of the customization.

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Our warranty is more than just words and a sales tool. If you have a problem, call our factory and talk with one of our owners. We will get to the bottom of the issue and correct it. No other boat in our class can touch our coverage, our level of support, and our commitment to you as a boat owner.

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Check out some of our most frequently asked questions. We want to provide our boat owners resources to keep them safe on the waters and enjoying their C-Dory boating experience.

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