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Does the ‘C’ in “C-Dory” stand for customization? Well, it very well could be.

One of our favorite tasks in handcrafting boats is the planning process and customization of a C-Dory to fit the needs and lifestyles of our customers. We’ve had some pretty unique requests over the years; bold interior colors, rails to stack paddleboards, deck BBQs, and so much more. Whatever the request, we’ll look to see if it’s possible and set course from there. (You know, within reason. We’re not about to mold two boats together. Although the idea of a double-decker C-Dory is intriguing…)

Here is one of our most recent customizations where we added a canvas cover to the cockpit of a 25’ TomCat.

Adding a canvas cover has a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Sun protection
  • Rain protection (a must in the Pacific Northwest!)
  • Seagull protection (never get a splat on your dinner again!)
  • An extra space for the kiddos to sleep or build forts (think extra snuggle time with your honey!)
  • They look darn cool

With custom styles, designs, and colors your canvas cover will look exactly how you want it and need it to.

Thinking of customizing a C-Dory? Contact your local dealer to get the conversation started.